Power BI Consulting

Power BI Consulting

Transforming your business-critical data into rich visuals and interactive dashboards

Data – whether it is in cloud or on-premises in forms of databases or files, always holds the answer to some unfathomable questions. So to escape the unwanted struggle, the smart companies have started considering new ways for data analytics and management for deriving meaningful insights.


So, being the tech savvy group of extremely enthusiastic cloud engineers and data analysts, we have put forward our step to help enterprises leverage the power BI solutions and bring their critical data to life.

Now , What is Power BI?

Basically Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to help your organization analyze data and share insights. And we at Innoease can work with you to help you create a “Data Culture” where the end-users are productively encouraged to make better informed decisions while relying on quick insights and analysis based on real-time data.

How can we help?

We at Innoease are initially going to play our part by understanding your business needs and then accordingly deploy Power BI as a stand alone, or embedded application within the Dynamics 365 platform enabling you to connect to over 200 different data-sources as a streamlined means of data aggregation across multiple systems.

Power BI Consulting Process

Discover what exactly your business needs: This is the primary step, we at Innoease are going to discover your business perspectives.

Analyze, implement & Deploy Power BI: Once we know what exactly your business needs, the next function will be to analyze and deploy the Power BI platform to streamline the flow of data insights.

Power BI training : Once deployed, our experts at Innoease are going to guide you through the journey of how you can manage the data aggregation from multiple systems.

Power BI support & Maintenance: Our services are never a one time favour, we believe in trust and long term associations, thus we offer unparalleled support and maintenance to all our customers ensuring they never have to struggle with our offerings.

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